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Why You Should Plan Your Spring Landscape Design in the Winter

Most property owners don’t start thinking about landscaping until the weather warms up, but that isn’t the ideal time for planning. Instead, you should start your landscape design plan in the winter so you’re ready to go in the springtime. Let’s explore some of the benefits of early landscape planning.

Evaluate What the Landscaping Looks Like When Not in Bloom

In the winter, it’s easier to see the branch structures of trees and plants. You may see glaring issues that are hard to detect when the plants are in bloom. For instance, you may notice some tree branches crossing one another or growing in a downward pattern. Even if the trees are not ready to prune yet, you can create a game plan for the spring.

Plan Pruning and Plant Renovation for Late Winter/Early Spring

Many plants are best pruned in the late winter or early spring, right after the last frost of the season. If you prune too early, the frost will wipe out some of the hard work the plant does after pruning. Prune too late, and the plant will pump nutrients into areas you may discard.

Each plant has unique needs, so it’s important to time pruning and plant renovation around the types of plants on your property. Rose bushes pruning is far different than dormant tree pruning, but all of these steps can yield a thriving landscape in the spring. Start planning now so you can time your trimming accordingly.

Establish a Timeline for Landscape Design Execution

Some landscape designs can be executed in one sessions, but others require incremental changes over time. If you have existing landscaping that needs to be removed or renovated during your design, that may change the timeline for the design build. Talk to your landscape designer about your goals, budget constraints, time constraints, and other factors to create an actionable plan for the year.

Enrich Your Soil for Healthier Plants

The soil in Southeast Michigan is mostly comprised of sandy loam. This soil does not maintain water or nutrients well, but it does provide sufficient drainage. Thus you shouldn’t have to worry about overwatering your plants, but you may have to worry about fertilizing them.

Berns Landscaping conducts soil testing to evaluate the specific needs on your property. We can enrich your turf in early spring to create a healthier atmosphere for plant life. Healthy plants develop natural defense mechanisms against pests and disease, creating a cycle of fertile growth for the future.  

Work with a Landscape Designer before the Busy Season Starts

The spring months are non-stop chaos for landscaping companies. If you can start the process in the winter, you’ll be first in line for landscape installations, fertilization, bed edging, mulching, and other services. We highly recommend making plans now so you can be set up for the spring months.

Berns Landscaping offers year-round landscaping services, including custom landscape design, shrub care, snow removal, fertilization, and much more. We can personalize a landscape maintenance plan to suit your property and enhance your curb appeal. Please call (586) 756-1145 to schedule your consultation for commercial or residential landscaping.