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Why Are Garden Weeds Bad?

Weeding is a fundamental part of garden maintenance. Removing weeds ensures that your plant life remains healthy and strong. If weeds are left to grow, they can take over an otherwise beautiful landscape. But, what makes weeds so undesirable? Why are garden weeds bad? We’ll explore the importance of weed control in this quick guide from Berns Landscaping.

Garden Weeds Are Garden Pests

Weed control is often considered pest control because weeds act as pests. They may not eat away at plants like a pest wood, but they can overtake and destroy a garden. Weeds absorb beneficial water and nutrients that should be going to other plants on your property. Removing them ensures that your plant life can thrive.

Weed Control Improves Plant Health

If your garden is riddled with weeds, your plant health is going to suffer. The weeds are like sponges in the rain, sucking up the water your plants need to grow. In some cases, weeds grow tall enough to block life from low-lying plants. This further prevents growth. Remove weeds at the earliest possible stages to keep the rest of your plants happy and healthy.

Any Plant Can Be Considered a “Weed”

While there are a number of plants specified as weeds, any plant can have weed effects. For instance, let’s say you have a rose bush in your garden that grows quickly and viciously. It may block other plants in the area from getting sunlight, or it may entangle itself in a way that makes pruning difficult.

The truth is that healthy plants aren’t always ideal, depending on where they are placed. If you have a plant that does not suit your needs or aesthetic, you can remove it, just like you would a weed. The team at Berns Landscaping can help you decide the best course of action for your landscaping.

How Often Should I Weed My Garden?

We recommend looking for weeds at least once a week. You can pull most small weeds out just by using your hands. If you wait too long in between weeding sessions, the weed roots will be more established. This makes the weeds more difficult to remove and further damages your plant health.

How to Remove Garden Weeds

In most cases, you can remove garden weeds with your hands alone. Grab at the base of the weed, closest to the roots. Then pull in an upward manner. You want to remove the roots with the plants so they do not regrow. For more stubborn weeds, you can use a hoe or other garden tool to get to the roots.

Don’t have time for that? No problem! Berns Landscaping offers residential and commercial landscaping services, including bed care, weed control and pest control. We take an organic approach to lawncare. With the right pruning and maintenance steps, you can fortify your plant life and avoid harsh chemicals on your lawn. Give us a call at 586-756-1145 to schedule a consultation, and we’ll create a personalized landscaping maintenance plan for you.

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