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When to Install Landscape Lighting

Does it feel like your yard is just a little too dark at night? Do you miss seeing your beautiful landscaping during the dark winter months? There’s a simple solution to that issue – outdoor landscape lighting. With strategically placed lights in the right parts of your lawn, you can highlight the beauty of your landscape design long after the sun falls. Here are some tips for when to install landscape lighting.

The Right Time Is Now! You Can Install Landscape Lighting in Any Season

If we had to pinpoint an “ideal” time to install landscape lighting, the winter months may be the optimal timeframe. With all the autumn leaves gone, we can clearly see the structure of plants on the property to see what our lighting options are. The winter months are also prone to slip and fall hazards because of freezing rain and snow. We can place lighting to illuminate these areas and protect your family from fall risks.

Keeping this in mind, some homeowners prefer to have their outdoor lighting installed in the spring when everything is in full bloom. This clearly shows what the plants look like in their prime so the lighting can accentuate their beauty. Spring months are a busy timeframe for landscaping companies, so if you want your outdoor lighting installed, make sure to book an appointment well in advance.

We will gladly install landscape lighting during the summer or fall months, if that is when you are ready for the project. Each season presents its own challenges, but our seasoned professionals know how to successfully overcome them.

What Types of Outdoor Lighting Are Right for My Home?

Each property has different areas to emphasize. We will recommend the best lighting design for your landscaping during your consultation. Options may include:

  • Highlighting That Accentuates Specific Landscaping Features
  • Silhouette Lighting That Casts a Shadow on a Wall or Fence
  • Shadowing That Softly Illuminates Trees or Bushes
  • Up-Lighting That Lights an Object from Below Lighting
  • Down-Lighting That Lights an Object from Above
  • Washing That Lights a Long Row of Shrubs or an Accent Wall
  • Moonlighting That Mimics the Look of the Moon
  • Path Lighting That Highlights Walkways and Enhances Safety
  • And Other Forms of Safety Lighting and Landscape Lighting

If you are getting a landscape design from Berns Landscaping, we can incorporate lighting within the design plan. If you have an existing design you want us to work around, we can recommend the best light styles for your property. Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your consultation.

Is There a Certain Time of Day That Works Best for Outdoor Lighting Installation?

The complexity of the lighting design will impact the installation time. We strive to complete the project before dusk so we can see how the lighting looks when the sun sets. If the timing does not work out for that though, we can make adjustments when it gets dark to ensure the lighting is precisely placed. We also coordinate around inclement weather and other unexpected occurrences.

If you’re ready to highlight the beauty of your landscape design, contact Berns Landscaping for an outdoor lighting consultation. You can get lighting that enhances your curb appeal, increases your safety, and boosts your property value all at once! Call (586) 756-1145 to learn more.  

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