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When Should Fall Cleanup Start?

Fall runs from September through December, and it may feel like you’re cleaning your yard that entire time. The trick is to plan fall cleanup at the right time so you don’t do more work than you need to. Read on to learn when to start fall yard cleanup.

Fall Cleanup Usually Starts in October or November

Even though autumn starts in September, the leaves don’t pile up until October or November. In fact, some lawns may still need to be mowed in the early weeks of fall, depending on the climate in the area. We usually start our fall cleanup services in October or November, with tailored services to fit each property.

What Does Fall Landscaping Cleanup Include?

Fall cleanup is an umbrella term that covers many different services. The specific tasks you or your landscapers do will vary based on your property needs. Fall landscaping cleanup typically includes:

  • Raking leaves, bagging them and hauling them away
  • Removing annuals that will not bloom next year
  • Mulch garden beds to protect perennials and plant roots during the cold months
  • Winterize trees, shrubs and irrigation lines
  • Clean the gutters (can be done at the beginning and end of fall)
  • Empty anything that contains water and cover outdoor hose bibs
  • Strategic tree and plant pruning
  • End-of-season lawn mowing

To get a better idea of what this process entails, check out What Yard Work Should Be Done in the Fall?

Protect Your Plants for the Winter

Fall yard work is about more than just clearing leaves in the yard. It’s important to protect plants on the property that may be subject to frost damage. For instance, you might wrap your bushes in burlap so they are shielded from winter snow. This will help them bounce back faster in the spring and prevent the leaves from burning in the warm months.

Your irrigation lines, hoses, fountains and water features need to be winterized well before the first frost of the year. Take precautions during the fall so you do not end up with busted pipes in the winter.

Get All-Inclusive Fall Cleanup Services from Berns Landscaping

At Berns Landscaping, we know the perfect time to start fall cleanup. We provide comprehensive landscaping services throughout the year, from spring floral planting to winter tree pruning. You can count on us to keep your yard in top shape.

Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to learn more about fall cleanup from Berns Landscaping.

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