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What Does a Landscaping Company Do?

Landscaping companies do far more than mow lawns. In fact, that is only a fraction of work that we do here at Berns Landscaping. Whether you have a commercial property or residential property, a landscaping company can help you enrich your turf, protect your plant life and keep your property looking pristine. Let’s take a look at what a landscaping company does.

Year-Long Grounds Maintenance

The ‘bread and butter’ service for most landscaping companies is grounds maintenance. This involves taking care of the lawn, soil, garden beds, and anything else related to landscaping. The service occur all year long, taking the stress and hassle out of lawn and garden maintenance.

At Berns Landscaping, we take a proactive approach to grounds maintenance. We tailor a maintenance plan to fit the needs of each client, and then we maintain the property throughout the year. This includes soil testing and plant health monitoring. We have the knowledge and experience to notice the first signs of plant health decline. We can quickly mitigate the problems and protect the landscaping well into the future.

Fertilization and Soil Cultivation

Another common service for landscaping companies is fertilization. There are many different approaches to fertilization. We use a multi-step fertilization program that is customized to fit each property. That’s one of the main reasons we conduct soil testing, so we can adjust our fertilization applications as needed.

Additionally, landscapers take different steps to cultivate the soil. This includes aeration and dethatching. Aeration allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil. Dethatching breaks down thatch – a layer of debris that blocks water and nutrients from getting into the soil. Together, these processes give your turf the best chance to thrive during the growing season.

Plant Renovation and Landscape Design

Plant renovation is the process of trimming back overgrown plant material. Rather than remove the plants, we trim them down significantly and prune them as they grow. We can make the most of the existing root structure, but we can strategically control what the plants look like full grown. This service isn’t available through many landscaping companies, but it is available through Berns Landscaping

Landscape design is another service you might find with certain landscaping companies. This process involves selecting the right plant material for your property, your goals, your budget, your maintenance desires, etc. Some landscape companies only offer design services or installation services. We do both. You can get a professional landscape design and build, all through a local landscaping company in Michigan.

Get Personalized Care from a Trusted Landscaping Company in Michigan

Now that you know what a landscaping company does, do you think you’re in need of one? Berns Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company that’s been in business for over 35 years. We are proud to serve many communities in Metro Detroit MI, including Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County. We offer estate gardening, commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to schedule an in-person estimate.

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