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Weekly Lawn Care

Weekly lawn mowing during spring and summer months is an important part in keeping your lawn healthy, lush and green.

Delaying your lawn mowing and putting it off will have negative effects on your grass. Grass which is not cut in a timely manor will become prone to weeds and disease.

There are multiple benefits to mowing your grass weekly. Weeds will be removed before they are able to seed and spread throughout your yard. Less irrigation is needed, which is great for summer months when water shortages tend to occur.

When your lawn is well maintained and healthy, the grass is able to recover from harsh weather conditions, disease and insect damage. Areas which receive a lot of traffic will also have a chance of having less bald spots.

Ensure your lawn is kept at its best and leave the work to our lawn care professionals. Berns Landscaping provides weekly  lawn maintenance  services. Our weekly services include cutting, trimming, edging and blowing. Call today (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online.

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