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Water Saving Tips For Your Lawn & Garden

Summer is quickly approaching and temperatures are heating up much sooner than usual this year. During the summer months many homeowners face higher water bills because of the care of maintaining their lawn and gardens. There are ways to keep your water bill down and ensure your plants and lawn are getting the right amount of water.

  • Know when to water!For both lawns and garden the best time to water is in the early morning (Before 9AM). Early in the morning there is less evaporation, low winds and high humidity and morning dew which adds to the moisture. Early morning watering also allows for plants to absorb the water throughout the hotter parts of the day and dry before nightfall. Watering your plants later in the day prior to nightfall will increase the risk of the disease from the leaves not drying before darkness.Both lawns and established gardens only require one inch of water a week to maintain healthy root systems. Most established gardens do not need to be watered more than twice a week (1/2 inch at a time).
  • Water slowly, to ensure the soil absorbs the water and to avoid runoff.
Remember it is best to water in the early morning, before 9AM.
  • Think of Mother Nature. Before watering, always take into account how much rainfall has been received in the proceeding week. Leaving a container in your yard can help you monitor the amount of rainfall to determine how much water your plants will still need (Remember to empty the container one a week).
  • Keep the weeds away. Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, lights and water.
  • Plant thoughtfully. Choose low water use plants for year round landscape color. Use a layer of organic mulch around your plants to reduce evaporation and save thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • Add water-saving tools. Install a drip irrigation system around your trees and shrubs to water more efficiently. Consider installing rain barrels to retain rainwater for later use in the garden.
  • Check-up on your irrigation system. If you have a home irrigation system check on this weekly to ensure everything is working properly. Check for broken sprinkler heads which are leaking as well as alignment, a sprinkler which is watering more of your drive way than your lawn is a waste of water.

Most importantly remember to be patient with your lawn and garden. During severe weather conditions, your lawn and plants will go into a dormant state (similar to winter dormancy) to protect themselves from Mother Nature.With continued care your plants will triumph through the summer heat.

While these tips will help you save water sometimes more watering will be required depending on the weather.  High temperatures and drought will require you to increase your watering to about 3 times per week.
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