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Tree Trimming in Grosse Pointe MI

Bottom View of Tree Trimming in Grosse Pointe MI

When you’re in need of reliable tree trimming in Grosse Pointe MI, look to the team at Berns Landscaping. Our experts are guided by an arborist to ensure each tree gets specialized care. We operate top-of-the-line safety equipment to protect our workers and your property. You’ll receive dependable care from start to finish.

  • Certified Arborist on Staff to Oversee Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning and Other Tree Services
  • Specialized Teams of Professionals for Horticulture, Fertilization, Lawn Care, Garden Care, Landscape Design and More
  • Serving Grosse Point MI Since 1982
  • Advanced Safety Equipment to Protect Our Crew and Your Property
  • Comprehensive Landscaping Care for Homes, Businesses, Shopping Complexes and Organizations

Call (586) 756-1145 to book your tree trimming in Grosse Pointe MI.

Preventative Tree Trimming Can Protect against Future Accidents

There are more than 100 tree fall deaths in the United States every year, and that does not include the injuries and property damage that occur from falling tree limbs. The beauty of strategic tree pruning is that it prevents these accidents while protecting the health of the tree. Not only will the forestry look better, but it will also be safer to interact with. Berns Landscaping has the tools and expertise to fortify the trees on your property.

Landscaping Services for Your Entire Property (Commercial and Residential)

Our family-owned landscaping company takes care of more than just the trees. We’ll enrich your soil, revitalize your plants, and rejuvenate your garden beds with all-season landscaping care. Our services include:

  • Bed Edging, Mulch Top-Offs, Weed Removal and Soil Cultivation
  • Aeration and Dethatching Using an Organic Solution
  • Spring Bed Edging and Seasonal Floral Swaps
  • Fall Leaf and Gutter Cleanup
  • Dormant Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Grosse Pointe MI
  • Custom Fertilization with Soil Testing
  • Gorgeous Landscape Designs and Plant Renovation Services
  • Estate Gardening, Plant Health Monitoring and Deep Root Fertilization
  • Winter Plant Protection, Bush and Shrub Care
  • Holiday Light Installations and Temporary Ice Rinks
  • Snow Plow Service and Ice Management
  • Natural Mosquito Control, Pest Control and Plant Disease Prevention

If you’d like a personalized landscape maintenance plan, reach out to Berns Landscaping: (586) 756-1145.

How Often Should I Get My Trees Pruned?

Most established trees should be pruned every 3-5 years, but younger trees may require tree trimming every 1-3 years as they grow. Each species has unique needs though, which is why it’s important to get a custom tree trimming plan. We can evaluate the plants on your property to create a personalized maintenance plan for you.

To Schedule Your Professional Tree Trimming in Grosse Pointe MI, Please Call (586) 756-1145