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Tree Trimming in Troy MI

Tree Trimming in Troy MI Near Powerlines

If you are in need of professional tree trimming in Troy MI, Berns Landscaping provides forestry care and comprehensive tree services. We’ll monitor your trees’ health and ensure its long-term strength. Our tree services are guided by a certified arborist, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving premium care. Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming can be dangerous without the right equipment and expertise. One faulty step could lead to life-threatening injuries, which is why it’s always best to turn to the pros.

  • Our Tree Trimmers Use Advanced Safety Equipment to Protect Themselves, Your Trees and Your Property
  • Each Tree Has Unique Needs, and We Know How to Accommodate Them
  • Promote Healthy Growth for Your Trees So They Can Fend off Pests and Disease
  • Prevent Disruptive Growth Patterns That Put the Tree and Your Property at Risk
  • Eliminate Dead Branches before They Become Problematic in the Winter
  • Enjoy Liability-Free Tree Trimming – Our Tree Service Company Is Fully Licensed and Insured

To learn more about what we use for tree trimming in Troy MI, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

Healthy Trees Improve Air Quality around Your Property

Did you know that trees can reduce pollution and improve air quality on your land? A well-maintained tree with healthy leaves and branches can drastically reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. Healthy trees have the strength to protect themselves against pests and disease, and they bounce back quickly after winter frost. The perks of tree trimming are endless, and you can count on Berns Landscaping to get the job done right.

Landscaping Solutions for Every Property and Every Season

In addition to tree trimming, Berns Landscaping offers…

  • Natural Mosquito Control and Pest Control That Focuses on Your Plant’s Health
  • Disease Prevention, Weed Removal and Deep Root Fertilization
  • Soil Testing, Soil Cultivation, and Custom Aeration/Dethatching Programs
  • Bed Edging, Mulching and Garden Flower Swaps
  • Fall Landscaping Services, Including Leaf Removal, Branch Cleanup, Shrub Wrapping and Gutter Cleaning
  • Dormant Tree Pruning and Dependable Tree Trimming in Troy MI
  • Multi-Step Fertilization Programs Tailored to Your Turf and Plant Materials
  • One-of-a-Kind Landscape Designs That Make Your Property Stand out from the Rest
  • Estate Gardening, Commercial Landscaping and Residential Lawn and Garden Care
  • Hedge Trimming, Shrub Care and Rose Bush Trimming
  • Holiday Decorating and Snow/Ice Management
  • Proactive Landscaping Maintenance from Specialized Crews of Professionals

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to Schedule Your Quote for Tree Trimming in Troy MI