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Tree Removal in Oakland County MI

Tree Removal in Oakland County MI.

If you are in need of tree care, tree pruning or tree removal in Oakland County MI, turn to the experts at Berns Landscaping. We’re known as the tree people. We receive numerous referrals from existing clients because of our expert-level care and commitment to excellence. You’ll get a professional evaluation to see if your tree can be saved or relocated. If not, we can devise a plan to get it off your property safely and securely.

  • Get a Professional Evaluation to Assess Your Tree’s Health
  • Determine if the Tree Can Be Restored or Relocated before Scheduling Tree Removal
  • Protect Your Property with Emergency Tree Removal and Winter Tree Services
  • Bring Trees Back to Life with Restorative Pruning and Disease Prevention
  • Find the Best Tree Services for Each Tree’s Age, Species, and Overall Needs
  • Enjoy Lawn Care from a Trusted Landscaping Company in Oakland County MI

To schedule a consultation for tree removal in Oakland County MI, contact us at (586) 756-1145.

Do I Need Tree Pruning or Tree Removal?

That overgrown tree in your yard may not need to come down completely. If possible, we always recommend saving a tree before removing it. Trees are vital for air filtration, oxygen production, water conservation, and other important elements of environmental preservation. If a tree is not posing a danger to your property or your family, we can recommend strategic pruning to encourage healthy growth for the future.

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Whether you need tree maintenance, dormant pruning, or tree removal in Oakland County MI, turn to the experts at Berns Landscaping. Call (586) 756-1145 to schedule your appointment. Also serving these counties:

Personalized Property Maintenance – Beautiful Landscaping All Year Long!

In addition to forestry services, we provide a range of lawn and garden care programs. Berns Landscaping is your one-stop shop for outdoor maintenance. From fertilizing to plant health monitoring, we do it all. Get a custom maintenance program that’s tailored to your property. Our services include:

  • Professional Tree Pruning and Tree Removal in Oakland County MI
  • Completely Custom Lawn and Garden Plans That Are Tailored to Your Property
  • Fertilization That Includes Soil Testing and Deep-Root Nutrient Deposits
  • Dethatching and Aeration That Uses and Organic Approach
  • Disease Prevention, Weed Control and Pest Control to Protect Your Landscaping
  • Mulching, Weeding, Edging, and Bed Care
  • Seasonal Services, Such as Dormant Tree Pruning in Winter and Fall Cleanup
  • Plant Health Monitoring from Experienced Horticulturists
  • Exquisite Landscape Designs and Estate Gardening Services
  • Outdoor Lighting and Hardscaping to Accentuate Your Beautiful Trees and Plants
  • And Other Landscaping Services from Top-Rated Landscapers near You

To Schedule a Consultation for Tree Removal in Oakland County MI, Call (586) 756-1145