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Tree Pruning in Warren MI

Tree Pruning in Warren MI

Strategic tree pruning ensures that your trees grow to the optimal shape, size, and health. Whether you have a large tree in your front yard or a whole forest on your property, our arborists have the skills and expertise to meet your needs. Arborists are tree experts, with working knowledge of each species’ unique requirements. If you want truly effective tree pruning in Warren MI, turn to the professionals at Berns Landscaping.

  • Ward off Pests and Disease by Enhancing Your Tree’s Natural Defense Mechanisms
  • Remove Crossing Limbs That Become Problematic with Time
  • Get Strategic Tree Pruning for Each Tree’s Age and Species
  • Trim down Excess Growth to Keep Your Trees Looking Their Best
  • Eliminate Problematic Limbs before They Fall on Their Own
  • Enjoy Hassle-Free Tree Pruning in Warren MI

To learn more about our tree services, including dormant tree pruning and stump removal, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

Experienced Tree Climbers and Arborists in Warren MI

Tree pruning can be a dangerous practice. It is not something for a novice to tackle. At Berns Landscaping, we have dedicated teams of specialists for every area of landscaping maintenance. This includes a team of tree climbers guided by an ISA-certified arborist. We will ensure that your property, trees and plant life are well protected every step of the way.

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If you’d like an appointment for tree pruning in Warren MI, contact us at (586) 756-1145.

A Full-Service Landscaping Company near You

In addition to tree pruning, we provide complete lawn and garden care throughout the year. Keep your plants and your turf looking great all year long with fertilization, bed edging, weed control and professional pruning from Berns Landscaping. Our services include:

  • Landscape Designs That Are Tailored to Your Property’s Specific Needs
  • Residential Landscaping and Estate Gardening Services
  • Commercial Landscaping That Keeps Your Property Looking Great All Year Long
  • Soil Testing, Fertilization, Dethatching and Aeration
  • Pest Control, Weed Removal and Disease Prevention
  • Plant Health Monitoring and Plant Renovation Services
  • Tree Pruning, Winter Tree Services, Emergency Tree Trimming and Tree Removal
  • Bed Edging, Consistent Mulching and Mulch Top-Off, Weeding, Seasonal Color Swaps, and Other Bed Care Services
  • Water Feature Maintenance and Outdoor Lighting Installations
  • Specialized Teams in Every Area of Lawn and Garden Maintenance
  • And Other Custom Landscaping Plans

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