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Top 5 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

The first day of spring is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning your spring lawn care. Even if your yard is covered in snow right now, the grass below the surface is preparing for its debut. Check out these spring lawn care tips from Berns Landscaping to keep your yard looking its best.

1 – Rake the Surface of Your Lawn

It’s important to rake the surface of your lawn once the winter snow melts. This will remove any leaves and dead grass remaining from autumn, and it will loosen matted areas caused by snow mold. Raking will help your lawn grow in smoother, just like vacuuming revitalizes your carpet inside. Wait for a day when the ground is fairly dry. The rake will grow across the surface easily, making it less likely to damage your grass.

2 – Buy Annual Plants Early in the Spring

Annual plants, like petunias and pansies, must be replanted once a year. These flowers can add beautiful bursts of color to your yard, and they signify the start of spring. Because annual plants are in high demand, they tend to sell out early in the season. It’s best to plan for your spring florals as quickly as possible if you want a large selection. One of the award-winning landscape designers at Berns Landscaping would be happy to create a spring landscaping plan for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

3 – Fertilize after the Grass Starts Greening

Timing is critical for fertilization. Applying fertilizer too early may feed the weeds instead of your grass, which will require more maintenance in the summer months. If you wait too long though, you miss out on peak growth times for a lush lawn. We recommend waiting about three weeks after your grass turns green. This will be after a couple mowings, when your yard is beginning to blossom. If you have a lawn maintenance plan with Berns Landscaping, we can arrange fertilization at the ideal time for your yard. We have certified fertilization specialists on staff to assist you.

4 – Aerate Your Lawn

If you did not aerate your lawn in the fall, you still have a chance in the spring. Aeration is a process that puts small holes in the surface of your soil. This loosens compacted soil and creates paths for water, air, and vital nutrients. Your grass and plant roots will grow stronger, deeper and fuller with an optimal flow of nutrients. With this simple step, you can significantly improve the health of your lawn.

5 – Mow Your Yard Weekly during the Spring

In the spring months, you may need to mow your yard once a week to keep your grass lush and strong. A study from Michigan State University shows that the ideal turf height is between 2 inches and 3.75 inches. This ensures that the grass has a mature root system and enough shade to keep weeds at bay. The university recommends mowing as frequently as every 4-5 days, but weekly lawn care is sufficient in most circumstances. 

Get an Annual Maintenance Plan to Preserve Your Landscaping

Your spring lawn care needs are unique to your property, your current landscaping features, your future landscaping goals, and more. With an annual landscaping maintenance plan, you can preserve your lush yard all year long. Berns Landscaping provides estate gardening, residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, spring landscape cleanup, tree pruning, and many other services. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to speak with a landscaping expert near you.

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