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Top 5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Michigan Home

Are you looking to change up your residential landscape design? Whether you’re working with a landscape designer in Michigan or not, there are a few things you can do to make your landscaping pop.

Make Some Big Changes

If you want your yard to look different, think about adding or replacing some major features. New trees, large shrubs, a gazebo, or a new gate will all do a lot to change the look and feel of your yard. When you’re working on landscape design in Michigan, think about these pieces first and let the rest fall together after that.

Look Inside-Out and Outside-In

Sure, you want your yard to look great while you’re in it, but you also want it to look amazing from inside your house. After all, this is the vantage point you’ll most often see it from. Work with a landscape designer in Detroit to make sure that your view of your yard is at least as good as the neighbor’s.

Be Realistic

How much do you actually want to spend on your yard and how much do you want to have to work in it. Even if you use a landscape designer in Michigan, you’ll have to do some work yourself. Make sure that your residential landscape design is realistic for your budget and your lifestyle, or it will fall into disrepair and look even worse than it does now.

Add Lighting

Landscape design in Michigan is about more than just plants and paths. Think about how you would like to use your yard and how often you’d like to have people join you in it and set up lighting accordingly. All paths that might be used at night should be well-lit and you may want additional lighting to highlight certain features of the yard that you love.

Use Curves

Curves will make your landscape design just a little more interesting and they aren’t too hard for your landscape designer in Detroit to install. Use them to highlight features of your yard or plants that you want to make stand out. You can curve the edges of beds, paths, and more.

If you need a residential landscape designer who knows Michigan inside and out, call us at Berns Landscaping. We would love to help you get the yard of your dreams or to aid you in maintaining the yard you already have.

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