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The Pioneers

We are proud to announce that Jim Berns, the founder and CEO of Berns Landscaping has recently joined a new peer group with PLANET. PLANET also known as the  Professional Landcare Network , is a national trade association which represents over 100,000 landscape professionals. This is the first peer group PLANET has announced since teaming up with the Wilson-Oyler Group in 2012.

This inaugural group is named “The Pioneers”. The group is made up of 6 CEO’s from across the country, including Jim Berns. Members meet a few times a year to discuss the landscaping business. You can view the official PLANET press release on their website . Below is an excerpt from the  July 2013 PLANET  news letter.

[framed_box width=”100%” textColor=”#333333″]Tom Oyler and Bruce Wilson of Wilson/Oyler facilitated the first meeting of PLANET’s inaugural peer group, The Pioneers, in Warren, Mich., at the facilities of Berns Landscaping Services. The meeting was hosted by Jim Berns, Landscape Industry Certified, and his wife Peggy Berns and once introductions were made, the group began a working session to discuss financial information, process refinements, share best practices, and problem-solve. Individuals provided objective advice to help make the best decisions for opportunities and challenged each other in a caring and respectful manner. Pressing market issues and growth challenges took center stage in a discussion of growing leadership in their respective markets. The meeting closed with the owners committing to making changes and/or to adopting new initiatives to help with growth and[/framed_box]

We were happy to host the first meeting of The Pioneers and are looking forward to future meetings. With the forming of this group we are looking to expand and grow to better serve our clients for years to come.

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