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Summer Landscape Tips

Summer has arrived and for most Michigan residence, this has meant heat, drought and watering bans so far this year. These conditions can be hard on landscapes. However, despite the harsh conditions we have seen this summer there are plenty of ways to help plants and lawns thrive.  Below are some low maintenance and eco-friendly summer landscape tips to help keep your landscaping looking its best during the hot months of summer.

Summer Landscape Tips

  • Avoid light, frequent watering, this type of watering encourages shallow roots which are less tolerable of drought conditions.
  • Mow your lawn high. Taller grass will produce deep roots which do better in times of drought. Deeper roots will also make your lawn more resistant to disease, insects and other environmental stresses.
  • Follow the one third mowing rule, by never removing more than one third of your lawn at a time. If you do follow this rule, leaving the clippings on the lawn will help reduce the need of fertilizer and help keep soil most longer.
  • Depending on weather conditions grass growth can slow in the summer, adjust to these changes accordingly by waiting longer to mow your lawn when needed.
  • Stay on top of your weeds, remove any weeds from garden beds and borders as soon as they appear. Not only will weeds steal water and nutrients from your plants, they can also cause diseases and harbor insects that are harmful to your garden.

Struggling to keep your lawn looking great during a drought? You can find more drought tips for your lawn here. Need help with your landscape this summer? Call the experts at Berns Landscaping today (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) and find out how our landscape experts can help you maintain a beautiful landscape all year round.

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