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Spring Clean Up Tips

While this long cold winter continues to drag on, one thing is certain sunny and warm Spring days are on there way. Spring is a time of growth and renewal, spring bulbs will soon start popping up and tree’s will begin to bud.  However, before we can reach the growth and renewal phase we have to address the repair phase. The harsh elements of winter can leave behind a whirlwind of problems – broken limbs on shrubs and trees, sparse mulch, misplaced bricks from walks and walls, moldy leave piles, squashed grass and lots of debris. It is essential to address these problems before our landscape and gardens can shine this spring. Below are some of our favorite spring clean up tips.


  • Remove any left over fall debris such as fallen limbs and leaves.
  • If any areas of your lawn have been damaged from the winter, prepare these spots for Spring seeding.
  • Begin your fertilization treatment. (Having your lawns ph levels tested first is a great way to know what your lawn is in need of before you begin adding things to it that may be necessary or may cause damage).
  • Remove any protective covering from trees and shrubs as the weather begins to warm.
  • Prune away any damaged branches to allow for new growth.
  • Clean out any left over fall debris such as leaves and fallen limbs.
  • Cut back perennials as needed and pull up any annuals that are left over from the fall.
  • If you notice bare spots in certain areas, now is a great time to transplanting to fill those in. Try to do transplanting as soon as possible after the plant emerges. Plants will recover much more quickly when started early and the weather is still mild.
  • Being your fertilization, starting now will help strengthen roots and they begin to grow.
  • Mulch & Edge gardens. Fresh mulch adds a much needed protective layer to your garden and also offers a variety of benefits. Edging is the finishing touch and will give your gardens a clean and polished look.

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