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Soil Testing FAQs: What Do Soil Tests Test for?

Soil testing is an important part of lawn and plant health maintenance. At Berns Landscaping, we highly recommend soil testing for new clients because it allows us to personalize a grounds maintenance program for them. A soil test pinpoints any issues that need to be addressed, paving the way for a luscious lawn and thriving plant material. Read on to learn more about how soil testing works and how important it is for your lawn.

How Does Soil Testing Work?

Soil testing involves sending samples of soil to a lab for analysis. We collect about 14 cores from the yard using a soil probe. This gives us a clear depiction of soil and turf health throughout the landscaping. We bag and label the samples, and then we send them for testing.

What Do Soil Tests Test for?

A soil test evaluates the pH and organic material of the soil. It also shows how deep the roots are, how thick the thatch is, and other elements of turf health. With this information, we can create a tailored fertilization plan specific to each lawn.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Results from a Soil Test?

The results of the soil test take about 4-6 weeks to get back. In the meantime, we will still fertilize the lawn, complete bed care, and do other common steps in grounds maintenance. Once we get the results back, we can determine what adjustments need to be made to improve the health of your lawn.

How Does Soil Testing Impact Lawn Care and Plant Health?

You can’t tell the pH of your soil just by looking at it. We can prevent plant health decline and improve the vitality of the turf by understanding what’s going on with the soil. Soil testing provides answers to important questions that directly impact lawn maintenance. Does the lawn need to be aerated? Does it need to be dethatched? How strong is the root structure of the grass? We need these answers in order to best treat your lawn.

How Often Should I Have My Soil Tested?

We recommend soil testing once every three years. The environment is constantly changing, and we adjust our lawn care strategies to accommodate for that. Getting a fresh soil test every few years will catch potential problems at their first signs.

Berns Landscaping provides comprehensive grounds maintenance solutions. We offer residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, estate gardening, lawn fertilization, and more. To schedule a consultation or arrange for a soil test, contact us at 586-756-1145.

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