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Snow Shoveling Tips

This winter, Metro Detroit residents are planning to see above average snowfall totals. Our teams have been out all winter long salting roads and clearing snow. We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to please practice safe snow shoveling this winter.  Below are some helpful tips for safe snow shoveling practices.

  • Stretch First – Cold temperatures and unprepared muscles are a bad combination in winter weather. Do not rush and charge at the snow with all you have, take some time and stretch first to prevent injury.
  • Dress In Layers – Dressing in loose fitting layers that can easily be removed is the best practice so you do not over heat. You want to keep warm without sweating.
  • Have A Plan – Before going at the snow with all that you have, create a plan. You do not want to be moving snow more than you need to. If you park your cars outdoors, clear those off first. Now that the cars are cleared off start working on your walkways, patios and driveways. Try to move the snow the shortest distance possible, start in a central point and shovel to the nearest edge.
  • Maintain Proper Posture – Use your legs as much as possible, push snow and use your legs to lift when you can no longer push. Keep your back straight and keep the shovel close to your upper body. Keep one hand close to the blade for better leverage and remember not to twist when trowing snow.
  • Stay Hydrated & Rest – Listen to your body and take breaks as needed.
  • Maintain Your Shovels – Keep your snow shovels maintained. Loosen tight handles, fix crooked blades and shave down uneven plastic edges. Having a proper shovel makes all the difference.

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