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Snow Plow Service in Troy MI

Snow Plow Service in Troy MI

Worried about winter storms on your property? Not sure how you’re going to handle the snow and ice this season? Berns Landscaping has a professional snow plow service in Troy MI. Our crews are out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. You can count on us to keep your property accessible this winter. Call (586) 756-1145 to reserve your automatic snow plowing.

Hassle-Free Snow Plowing with High-Powered Equipment

Troy gets 32.6 inches of snow per year, on average. This mostly occurs during the winter months, but some years, we run our snow plow equipment well into April. No matter what the climate has in store, we have the experience to handle it. You can count on our proactive, forward-thinking snow and ice management services.

  • High-Powered Equipment Made for Michigan Winters
  • 24/7 Snow Plow Service That You Don’t Have to Think about
  • Adaptive Snow and Ice Management That Adjusts to Your Property’s Unique Needs
  • Rapid Resolutions – If You Need Additional Snow Removal, We’ll Get out to You Promptly
  • A Fully Licensed and Insured Company with Well-Maintained Vehicles
  • Advanced Solutions Based on the Weather and Your Personal Goals

Did you know that some salt works better in low temperatures than others? Or that most property owners have a preference of liquid or solid de-icers? Our snow and ice specialists will adjust to fit your goals and the current weather needs. To learn more about Berns Landscaping’s snow plow service in Troy MI, contact (586) 756-1145.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping All Year Long

It seems like the snow is never-ending, but there comes a point when the weather warms and plants start to bloom. You can get the same reliable service for your landscaping all throughout the year, thanks to the specialists here at Berns Landscaping. Some of our most popular services in the Troy area include:

  • Fall Cleanup to Clear Leaves and Debris before the Winter Snow
  • Completely Custom Landscape Designs That Work with Your Existing Plants (If You Want)
  • Automated Lawn Mowing and Snow Plow Service in Troy MI
  • Garden Bed Edging, Weed Removal and Mulching
  • Natural Aeration and Dethatching That Reaches All Areas of Your Property
  • Fertilization with Soil Testing and Routine Plant Health Evaluations
  • Seasonal Floral Swaps
  • Tree Trimming, Dormant Tree Pruning and Advanced Tree Services
  • Estate Gardening from Professional Horticulturists and Gardeners
  • Plant Protection for Winter to Encourage Strong Growth in the Spring
  • Landscape Design and Cleanup for Selling a Home
  • Holiday Light Installations and Temporary Ice Rinks for the Winter

To Book Your Snow Plow Service in Troy MI, Please Contact (586) 756-1145