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Shrub Care in Metro Detroit

Shrub Care in Metro Detroit

Bushes and shrubs make up the foundation of many landscape designs. They are hearty, versatile, beautiful and easy-to-contour. Taking care of shrubs seems easy at first glance, but most property owners quickly learn just how time consuming they can be. They require persistent and strategic pruning in order to thrive.

That’s where we come in. Berns Landscaping offers comprehensive shrub care in Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. Our services include:

  • Fertilization Programs That Enrich Your Plants, Soil and Turf
  • All-Inclusive Tree Trimming and Shrub Care in Metro Detroit
  • Dethatching, Weed Removal, Soil Cultivation and Natural Aeration
  • Plant Health Monitoring and Deep Root Feeding
  • Spring Bed Edging, Mulching, Floral Swaps and Irrigation Maintenance
  • Proactive Lawn Mowing, Fall Cleanup and Snow Removal
  • Landscape Design and Plant Renovation (We’ll Make the Most of Your Existing Plants!)
  • An Organic Approach to Landscaping That Fortifies Your Plants and Prevents Pests

For more information about shrub care and personalized landscaping services, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

Strategic Shrub Care That Encourages Healthy Plant Growth

If a shrub is pruned correctly, it will grow exactly the way you want it to. If pruned incorrectly, you’ll end up with bald spots, bulging branches, low density areas, and much more. This is why we encourage homeowners and business owners to invest in professional shrub care. Our proven solutions will enrich the plants on your property and create a healthy landscape year after year.

  • Pruning Techniques That Are Tailored to Each Plant
  • Professional Horticulturists and Shrub Trimmers with Years of Experience
  • Berns Landscaping Has Served Metro Detroit for Over 35 Years
  • All-Inclusive Landscaping for Estates, Commercial Properties and Residential Properties
  • Tree Trimming from a Certified Arborist, Including Dormant Tree Pruning
  • Custom Landscaping Plans for Your Budget and Goals

Schedule your quote for professional shrub care by calling (586) 756-1145.

Professional Tree Trimming and Gardening Services from Berns Landscaping

Shrubs aren’t the only plants we care for. Our horticulturists, arborists and plant health experts understand the unique needs of each plant type. We remain up-to-date with the local climate and plants available in nearby nurseries. You’ll receive completely tailored plant care, regardless of what’s on your property.

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