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Should I Hire a Caretaker or Landscaping Company for Property Maintenance?

If you have a large property to maintain, chances are you don’t have time to do that yourself. You can hire a landscaping crew to do the work for you, or you could have an on-site caretaker. There are benefits to both options, and one may be better suited to your needs. Let’s compare property caretakers vs. property management from a landscaping company to decide which path is right for you.

Key Difference between a Caretaker and Landscaping Company

A caretaker is typically a full-time employee who lives on your property and cares for its day-to-day needs. This is similar to a live-in nanny for children or a live-in nurse who takes care of a family member. Many property owners have a secondary home on their property for the caretaker or housekeeper, depending on their needs.

With a landscaping company, you have a crew of specialists who take care of your property on a weekly basis (or more frequently as needed). There is no one staying at your property overnight, and the services are scheduled for designated timeframes.

Benefits of Using a Landscaping Company for Property Maintenance

If you have a landscaping company for property maintenance, you’re not reliant on one person for all of your lawn and garden needs. Instead, you get the manpower of an entire crew, so landscaping projects can be completed faster. If a caretaker gets sick, property management gets postponed. If a landscaper gets sick, there are other team members available to fill in the gaps.

Landscaping companies own and maintain advanced equipment for fertilization, lawn mowing, tree trimming, bush care, and so much more. These features are included with their services. You’re not limited to the equipment you may have on your property. You’re also not liable for the upkeep of the equipment or potential accidents that may occur on your property. The landscapers absorb all of that responsibility.

Landscapers are proactive, reliable, and experienced. They know how to handle various obstacles because there are multiple experts at work. With a designated caretaker, you’re limited to that person’s knowledge base or problem-solving skills. You have far more resources with a landscaping company.

With regards to cost, you’re only paying for the services you need. Caretaker salary vs. landscape maintenance costs depends on multiple factors, so it’s hard to say which one might better suit your budget.

Benefits of Hiring a Caretaker to Maintain Your Property

The biggest advantage to hiring a caretaker is that you have someone on the property at all times. If a large tree branch falls down, there is somebody on hand that day to remove it. Landscaping companies will work hard to get someone out quickly, but a caretaker is already on the property.

Some property owners utilize their caretakers for more than landscaping. The caretaker may be responsible for home maintenance, pool maintenance, or even housekeeping. It’s tough to find someone to take on these different scopes of work, but it is possible. The bundled services may be a better fit for your needs.

Get a Custom Landscape Maintenance Plan from Berns Landscaping

For the most part, the benefits of hiring a landscaping company greatly outweigh the benefits of using a caretaker. If you’re looking for reliable landscapers to care for your property, Berns Landscaping has a whole team of experts! Our dedicated specialists have years of experience in their focuses, and they are fully licensed and insured. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to get a quote for your landscape maintenance plan. We offer residential landscaping, commercial landscaping and estate gardening in the Metro Detroit area.