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Fall Services in Sterling Heights

Getting your yard ready for fall and dealing with the special challenges fall can bring in Sterling Heights can be stressful. After all, you have to keep up with regular yard maintenance, deal with all those falling leaves, and prepare your yard for winter! That can be a huge job, especially if you don’t have a lot of time or aren’t an outdoor expert. If you’re struggling with your outdoor areas, call us at Berns Landscaping for the help you need to get your yard looking amazing this fall.

Weekly Leaf Removal

Got leaves? No problem! We’ll come in for weekly leaf removal in Sterling Heights. If your trees aren’t dumping leaves yet or you don’t have many trees, we can come every other week, too. We’ll do leaf raking, leaf blowing, and more. Then we’ll bag those leaves and dispose of them so you don’t have to worry about them at all. Call to find out more about our leaf removal service today!

Fall Cleanup

Do you need help cleaning up more than just your leaves? Call us for full fall cleanup services in Sterling Heights, too. We’ll come tidy up your flower beds and get your bushes and shrubs looking great before the snow covers them all and makes it so much harder to work in your yard. Don’t let waste sit in your yard all winter. Let us get things clean so you can be proud of your yard when spring comes.

Fall Landscaping

Are you struggling to make your yard look amazing because fall is here? It can feel like everything is dreary and dying. However, we can make things look great again. Call us about fall landscaping in Sterling Heights. We’ll put our expert landscapers on the job and get your yard looking amazing again soon.

Fall Landscape Lighting

When the sun starts setting earlier, it means you need your landscape lighting to work differently. Call Berns today to make changes to your fall landscape lighting. We’ll put in new lights, reprogram your old ones, and generally help you use your lights to help your landscaping put its best foot forward and to add security to your home.

Contact us at Berns Landscaping for all of your fall yard care needs. We’ll make sure your outdoor spaces look great this fall and are ready to look amazing next spring, too! Click here to contact Berns for fall landscaping today!