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Landscaping Services & More in Northville, MI

You don’t have to handle all of your landscaping and other outdoor needs on your own. Call us at Berns Landscaping to get professionals on the job who care about you. We would love to help you live better in Northville. Our experts will help you decide which services are right for you, then set up a service schedule that works around your needs. Before you know it, your outdoor spaces will look great and you’ll be thrilled that you chose Berns.


We’ll take care of all of your landscaping in Northville. From trimming bushes to getting rid of weeds, we’ll make sure that everything looks just the way you want it to. We’ll work with you to get you the landscaping you need to maximize the usefulness and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Before long, you’ll stop worrying and start loving being outside again!

Landscape Design

When it’s time for a new landscape design in Northville, our professionals will get on the job and will get you the design you need. We’ll talk to you about what you want to do with your outdoor spaces and what you’re hoping to achieve, then design based on that conversation. Once you approve your new landscape design, we’ll install it for you, too!

Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be a chore! Get some lawn care help from our pros at Berns. We’ll take care of mowing, weeding, weed elimination, fertilization, aeration, and anything else your lawn needs to stay healthy. Before long, your worries about lawn care in Northville will be a thing of the past, all thanks to Berns!

Tree Removal

Get rid of unwanted trees or trees that are threatening structures with our tree removal service. We’ll come out, take a look at the tree or trees you’re hoping to get rid of, then let you know what it will take to remove them. Agree to the process and we’ll get your tree removal in Northville done as soon as possible.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is serious business in Northville but you’re in luck because we take it very seriously at Berns. Call us to get on our schedule for snow removal in Northville or to talk to us about what we might be able to do for you. Before long, your snow and ice problems will be things of the past.

Call us at Berns Landscaping to speak with an outdoor professional today!