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Fall Services in Grosse Pointe, MI

Did you know that fall is a great time to take care of your yard? If you do some things now, you can set yourself up to have a great spring and summer. At Berns Landscaping, we would be happy to take care of your yard for you. We’ll make sure you get set up to have a great looking yard after winter passes.

Fall Landscapingfall landscaping services grosse pointe, m i

Landscaping isn’t something you just need to do in the spring and summer. Fall is a great time to prepare your garden beds, plant bulbs for spring, install new trees and shrubs, and do deep root feedings throughout your yard. If you don’t want to tackle all of this yourself, call us and we’ll do your fall landscaping in Grosse Pointe for you.

Fall Cleanup

If you get your yard cleaned up now, you won’t have to worry about it all winter long, Call us at Berns Landscaping to schedule your fall cleanup in Grosse Pointe now. We’ll remove your weeds, clear out any branches and leaves that need to be taken care of, and generally get your yard in great shape for next year.

Weekly Leaf Removal

Are you tired of all that leaf raking you’re doing in Grosse Pointe? Call us at Berns Landscaping and we’ll come out every week to get rid of them for you. Our leaf removal service in Grosse Pointe is one of our most popular fall services because getting rid of all those leaves yourself gets old fast. Let us handle all of your leaf raking, leaf blowing, and more so you can get on with the pressing things you need to take care of this fall.

Fall Landscape Lighting

When it gets darker earlier, your landscape lighting becomes more and more important when it comes to your home’s safety and security, as well as helping people enjoy your outdoor spaces. We’ll help you get that outdoor lighting right, whether it means putting your lights on a timer, installing new ones, or coming up with an entirely new lighting plan.

At Berns Landscaping, we’ll help you get ready for fall no matter what it takes. Call us today and we’ll help you select the services that will do the most when it comes to making your yard look amazing, both now and when spring rolls around next year.

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