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Grosse Pointe Farms

Are you looking for help with your outdoor areas in Grosse Pointe Farms? At Berns Landscaping, we have experts on staff who can help no matter what you need. Whether you want to make your lawn look great, remove snow all winter long, or redesign the space so it better meets your needs, we’ll get the job done to your satisfaction.

Snow Removal

Stop worrying about snow removal in Grosse Pointe Farms when you get Berns Landscaping on the job. We have removed snow throughout this area for years and we’ll help you do the same. Get on our schedule now and we’ll make sure your roads and sidewalks are safe all winter long.


When you need help with landscaping in Grosse Pointe Farms, we’ll get things taken care of fast. We handle all aspects of landscaping so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just tell us what you need or let our experts assess your outdoor areas. We’ll come up with a plan specific to your space and your needs.

Tree Removal

Don’t try to handle tree removal in Grosse Pointe Farms on your own! This can get dangerous and can be a much bigger project than it looks like. Instead, let our experts come get rid of your trees. Whether they are in danger of falling over or they just aren’t where you need them, we’ll cut them down and take them away for you.

Lawn Care

When lawn care in Grosse Pointe Farms gets overwhelming or you just don’t want to handle it yourself anymore, call us at Berns Landscaping. We’ll handle your mowing, aeration, fertilization, weed control, and more. No matter what your lawn needs in order to look amazing, we’ll get it done for you.

Landscape Design

If you’re looking for a new landscape design in Grosse Pointe Farms, our experts will get it done for you. We’ll help you assess your space, determine how you want to use it, and give you our expert opinions on what will work best. Then we’ll design the space you need so you can use your outdoor areas to their utmost capacity.

Call Berns Landscaping whenever you need outdoor help in Grosse Pointe Farms. We’ll be there fast and design a plan the is specific to you and your needs. Stop worrying and get on our schedule today! You won’t ever regret it.