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Farmington Hills Landscape Design

Are you sick and tired of trying to take care of your own outdoor areas in Farmington Hills? We don’t blame you! It’s a lot of work, especially when it’s not your area of expertise. Spend that time and energy on something you love and let us take over the care of your yard and your snow removal. We’ll make everything look great and you won’t have to worry anymore!


No matter what you have for landscaping in Farmington Hills, we’ll take great care of it and make it look its best all the time. We’ll trim your trees and bushes, keep up your flower beds, make sure everything is free from weeds, and more. Before long, you’ll have a yard that your neighbors will envy and you won’t have to lift a finger to get it!

Lawn Care

You can make your lawn look okay with just a lawnmower, but we can take it a step beyond that. When you want superb lawn care in Farmington Hills, call us at Berns Landscaping. We’ll take care of everything from cutting your grass to aerating, fertilizing, and more. We’ll make sure that you have one of the best yards on the block no matter what it takes.

Landscape Design

We can also design your landscape or redesign it if you’re looking for something new. Our experts in landscape design in Farmington Hills would love to help you live better by making your outdoor spaces usable in all the ways that you want them to be. We’ll help you enjoy the great outdoors even more than you already do!

Tree Removal

When it’s time for tree removal in Farmington Hills, it’s time to call us at Berns. We’ll make sure to get rid of your trees safely and efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Whether your tree is dangerous or it’s just in the way, we’ll dispose of it so no one will ever know it was even there.

Snow Removal

Snow removal in Farmington Hills is an important part of safety in the winter. Don’t risk slips or falls. Instead, call us and get a contract for snow removal in place now. We’ll be on time and will effectively remove your ice and snow all winter long.

Call us at Berns Landscaping today for any outdoor services you might need. We’ll be there soon!

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