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Snow Removal in Bloomfield Hills

Following a big snowstorm, chances are your Bloomfield Hills property has transformed into a white winter wonderland. While it may look nice, the piles of powder blocking your walkways, sidewalk, and driveway can be quite the inconvenience, and also a risk when it turns to ice. Berns Landscaping offers snow plowing and de-icing services to get everything cleared away from residential and commercial properties. We have more than three decades in business, so when you hire us, you can trust that skilled professionals are handling the job.

Why You Need Snow Removal Services

  • Getting it out of the way
    • Berns Landscaping is able to quickly remove snow from the areas of your Bloomfield Hills property where it is blocking or obstructing something. In no time, we will have your driveway, walkways, sidewalk, and parking lots cleared.
  • No more DIY snow plowing
    • Trying to shovel away snow by yourself is not only incredibly time-consuming, but also straining. Allow the experts on our staff to use their heavy-duty equipment to handle it with ease.

      snow plowing & snow removal services bloomfield hills, mi

  • Keeping your family safe
    • A snowy area means ice is also likely present. Patches of ice create a big hazard for people to slip and fall on. Our de-icing contractors can make sure there are no hazardous spots outside your home.
  • Maintaining a safe workplace/business
    • Commercial property owners in Bloomfield Hills are liable if injuries happen on their premises. To avoid a lawsuit from a customer or employee getting hurt, have a company like Berns Landscaping get rid of all the icy spots around.

Snow Plowing Professionals in Bloomfield Hills

As a member of the Snow & Ice Management Association, we have been a trusted name in the local snow removal industry for decades. Property owners who call on us after a storm know that they can expect efficiency and a staff who values safety. We will make sure that any slippery conditions are addressed with salting or de-icing so that your premises in Bloomfield Hills can be free of hazards. There is no need to worry about how well the job is done when you have experts taking care of everything for you.

When snowfall impacts your residential or commercial property, place a call to our team. Our snow removal and de-icing professionals can assist with making sure your place in Bloomfield Hills is safe and accessible. Next time a storm covers your property in a blanket of snow, reach out to Berns Landscaping. Click here to contact Berns about snow removal services now!