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Snow Removal and De-icing in Birmingham

Instead of grabbing a shovel and heading outside after a heavy snowfall, grab the phone and place a call to the area’s trusted source for snow removal: Berns Landscaping. Our professionals can take care of any snow plowing or de-icing needs you have in Birmingham, no matter how large of an area it is or if it is a home or a commercial property. For over 35 years, we have come to the rescue for people who need their place cleared of any snow and ice.

Expert Snow Plowing Company

snow plowing & snow removal services birmingham, mi

Nobody likes going out in the cold and breaking their back shoveling snow, so why not leave it to the professionals? The Berns Landscaping team has expert equipment to get jobs in Birmingham done efficiently, much faster than the average person manually snow plowing. Homeowners and business owners can sit back and relax in the warm interior of their building while we clear their outside areas.

In addition to scheduled snow removal jobs, we are also available for emergencies that arise. We have a 24-hour dispatch line, so that no matter what time you need our help, we can provide it. Our team will work overnight if required to make sure your property in Birmingham is accessible and safe.

We are proud to be a Certified Snow Professional company. This designation means the management has done intensive learning and testing regarding the ins-and-outs of the snow removal business. When you hire us, you can rest assured that specialists who know what they are doing are taking care of it.

De-icing Services in Birmingham

Icy conditions create a huge hazard for slipping and falling. To limit the opportunity for accidents at your Birmingham residence or commercial property, hire our de-icing team. Our team will evaluate the area and identify any spots that are frozen over or are likely to, and get to work. We use both granular and liquid methods, and

can salt any areas that need extra attention to ensure that the space is safe. These services can give you peace of mind that your family, employees, customers, and whoever else visits the premises are protected from risk.

Do you have big piles of snow that you need plowed at your property in Birmingham? Are ice patches present some serious hazards on the pavement outside? The Berns Landscaping team is here to help! Contact us today about how our services can be of great convenience and benefit to you.

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