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Birmingham Fall Services

When you need help in your yard or with your landscaping this fall, call us at Berns Landscaping. We would be happy to help you get your yard in the best shape so it will survive the winter well and look great when spring comes. Call us today for help determining the best package of our services for you.

Fall Cleanup

Do you need help tidying your yard up for fall? We’ll help you with your fall cleanup in Birmingham no matter what that involves. We’ll make sure we pull your weeds, dispose of your leaves, and make your flower beds and shrubs look great before winter comes. Taking care of your fall cleanup in Birmingham now means you won’t have to worry about it next spring.

Weekly Leaf Removal

Got everything under control except for your leaf removal in Birmingham? We’ll come out weekly or every other week to do leaf raking or blow your leaves away, then bag them and get rid of them. If you have large, leafy trees and you don’t want to mess with the leaves on your own anymore, call us for our leaf removal service in Birmingham today!

Fall Landscaping

When it comes to fall landscaping in Birmingham, we’ll make sure your yard looks great this time of year. It’s easy to feel like everything is dying or like there’s no way to make things look good, but we’ll structure your yard so it looks its best even when fall rolls in. Our experts will make your fall landscaping in Birmingham look great every year!

Fall Landscape Lighting

Are you looking to change your landscape lighting now that fall is here? With shorter days, you’ll need your fall landscape lighting in Birmingham even more than you need it in the spring. We’ll come rearrange your lighting, install new lighting, or reprogram your existing lighting so your yard can look its best this fall. Call us now for help with fall landscape lighting in Birmingham.

At Berns Landscaping, our goal is to give you a yard or outdoor space that you love and that you can use the way you want to use it all year round. We’ll work with you to get you the services that you need in Birmingham so you can love your yard. We’ll also help you make sure your yard is set up to look amazing next spring, too! Make your appointment today!