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Proven Tips to Enhance Commercial Landscaping

Landscape design isn’t limited to high-end homes. Commercial buildings can benefit from having gorgeous exteriors. If your landscaping feels dull or lifeless, these commercial landscape design tips will help you add the pop you’re looking for.

Why Curb Appeal Matters for Commercial Buildings

It’s no secret that landscaping can boost curb appeal. But what could curb appeal actually do for your business?

According to Caldwell Commercial Real Estate Services, attractive curb appeal has the potential to draw in traffic, increase visibility, and make customers trust your business more. A stark commercial exterior becomes warm, welcoming and inviting with the right landscape design. Combine that with routine landscape maintenance, and you can showcase how much pride you take in your goods/services. Whether you have a small business or a massive enterprise, those little details matter.

Commercial Landscape Design Tips

Commercial landscaping is a balance of maintenance, appearance and budget. You want something that looks great but is hearty enough to withstand hefty foot traffic. You also need plants that fit into your installation and maintenance budgets, as well as plants that will thrive for years to come.

  • Design functional landscaping that doubles as a rest area for guests/employees. An outdoor garden could be the perfect morale booster for the staff, and it may encourage clients to interact more with your business.
  • Be aware of root structures for different plants. You don’t want anything that may disrupt the foundation or any utility lines running to your building.
  • Use a mix of low-maintenance plants and seasonal florals. The low maintenance plants will keep the property looking great throughout the year, and the florals will add a pop of color to refresh your property.
  • Utilize landscape lighting for security, guidance and property enhancement. You can light up your property in a strategic way to highlight your landscaping and illuminate pathways at night.
  • Hardscape designated walking paths so visitors don’t trample through your gardens. This is a common complaint for commercial properties, but it can be resolved with some simple pavers or concrete. People don’t actively seek to step on landscaping, but they may do so when it’s in the midst of a convenient walking path.
  • Find a commercial landscaping company that will proactively care for your property. This ensures that your commercial landscaping actually does its job. Having a beautiful landscape design means nothing if it’s overgrown with weeds. Look for a commercial landscaping company near you to keep up with your property in every season. 

Get Custom Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance

Berns Landscaping offers comprehensive commercial landscaping services, including landscape design and maintenance. Not only will we create a custom landscape design for your property and budget, but we’ll also ensure your landscape thrives. Our services go far beyond basic lawn and garden care. You’ll have teams of experienced specialists handling every aspect of your commercial property maintenance.

Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your commercial landscaping consultation.