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Plant Renovation vs. Plant Removal – Should You Get Rid of Overgrown Plants?

Do you feel overwhelmed with overgrown plants? Has your landscaping gotten so out of hand that you can’t tell one plant from the next? We’ve seen this countless times in both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping. In fact, taming overgrown plants is one of our specialties here at Berns Landscaping!

So, what should you do – get rid of the plants or try to work with what you’ve got? Let’s take a closer look at plant renovation and plant removal to determine which option is right for you.

What Is Plant Renovation?

Plant renovation is much like house renovation. It involves working with the ‘bones’ of the plant, but revitalizing them to fit a new set of circumstances. Selective pruning can return a wild, unruly plant back to its former glory, all while preserving the rich root structure below.

The most common reason for plant renovation is to tame a plant that has become overgrown. For instance, you may have a rose bush that has not been pruned in several years. The canes have become long and heavy, so the plant no longer looks sculpted and refined. During plant renovation, a horticulturist would cut back the excess growth to allow for new, controlled growth in the future.

Benefits of Plant Renovation over Plant Removal

Plant renovation is the ideal choice in many circumstances because it takes advantage of an established root structure. The plant is clearly thriving where it is. You just want it to look clean while it thrives. Our experienced horticulturists will trim the plant down significantly and then let it grow out to the size/shape that is ideal for its location.

Plant removal can also be a tricky process, especially if the plant has been on the property for several years. Depending on the root structure, the plant probably has a hefty footing within your soil. It can be removed, of course, but that process is usually not as simple as it looks. With plant renovation, you do not have to worry about removal and demolition. Instead, you can restore a plant to the beauty it once had.

Disadvantages of Plant Renovation

Not all plants can handle a renovation. In some cases, removal is the only option to protect other landscaping features on the property and preserve plant health. At Berns Landscaping, we understand the intricate needs of each plant we come across. We will evaluate the ideal plan for your plant, your property, and your overall goals. Then we will take care of the renovation or removal process for you.

Should You Remove or Renovate Overgrown Plant Material?

If an overgrown plant on your property can be preserved, we typically recommend plant renovation. However, that is not the best solution for every scenario. The best way to know if plant renovation or plant removal is right for you is to speak with one of the experts at Berns Landscaping. We will do an in-person consultation to evaluate your plant health and provide a personalized plant care routine for you. Contact us at 586-756-1145 to schedule your free quote.

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