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Plant Health Care

The objective of plant health care is to improve or maintain the landscapes appearance and vitality, using the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available.  Your trees, shrubs and flowers represent a long-term investment in your landscape and with the proper care these beautiful plants can be enjoyed for decades. Each individual plant can effect the health of all the others in your landscaping.

Plant Health Care
An individual plant, shrub or tree can effect the plant health of all the plants in your landscape.

Plant Health Care involves monitoring, using preventive treatments such as Deep Root Feeding, Evergreen Winter Protection, Growth Regulators or Organic Plant Fertilization and working closely with the homeowner or commercial property manager to ensure a healthy landscape.

Every landscape is unique, so each Plant Health Care program is customized for the property. Planet – Professional Landcare Network All programs consist of monitoring visits to detect

Landscape is unique to each individual property, so each Plant (Professional Landscape Network) Health Care program is specially customized to its own needs.  All programs consist of monitoring visits to detect and manage any problems with plant vitality, plant insects or plant diseases before they become serious.

Professional Michigan Plant Health Care Services

Our Certified Landscape Professionals (CLP) can recommend treatments and changes in maintenance practices that can eliminate or minimize these problems while maximizing the potential of your landscape and protecting your landscape investment. Call today (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online.

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