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Planning Your Summer Flower Beds

April is quickly coming to an end and summer is quickly approaching. With our early March heatwave this year many perennials have already come and gone. While a few of our early and mid spring flowers may still be lingering around, most perennial gardens are now bare awaiting for brightly colored annuals to take there place.

Now is the perfect time to really start thinking about how you want your flower beds and summer landscape to look. Here is a little preparation list to help you think about what type of summer landscaping will best fit your needs.

What colors do you like? What colors will accent your home best?
While personal taste should be reflected in your color choices for flowers, you should also consider the color of your home and existing landscape. Take into consideration the brick, siding and trim of your home. If you have a home with blue siding, planting an abundance of blue flowers would blend into the existing landscape and colors of your home. Instead planting flowers of contrasting colors would work best to brighten up your landscape and add contrast.

Do your beds get more sun than shade, more shade than sun or do you have a good balance of both?
This is a very important aspect of gardening as certain flowers do well in one or the other. Many people assume they get a lot of one or the other based on the time they are home. However many people are not home all day to pay attention to the details of what type of light their home is receiving all day long.  Spend one day during the weekend occasionally observing your beds, you may be surprised by what you discover.

How much time do you have to maintaining your garden?
Sometime we start plant a garden with good intentions, sadly those good intentions can lead to a poorly maintained garden. One of the biggest things about gardening is the upkeep, depending on the plants and flowers you choose this can require little maintenance or high maintenance. Be realistic about your daily scheduled and how much effort you are willing to put in weekly to maintain your gardens.
Work all day? Busy with kids? Then opt for low maintenance plants that need very little maintenance.

Happy Summer Planning!

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