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Plan ahead for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

The holiday season may be months away, but it’s time to start planning now! Interior designs can wait until later in the year, but if you want an outdoor lighting display, it’s important to plan early.

Berns Landscaping offers professional holiday lighting installations, and we’ve seen far too many property owners wait until the last minute to start the process. Follow these tips to plan ahead for outdoor holiday lighting and avoid common mistakes.

Figure out How to Power Your Holiday Lighting Display

Power is one of the biggest factors in outdoor lighting, and it’s something people often forget. Do you have outdoor outlets in your home? Is the power grid sufficient enough to handle routine electrical needs plus the outdoor display? Did you have issues last year that need to be addressed before the holiday season this year?

Take care of power conflicts now to bypass problems during setup.

Get Your Decorations out of Storage

This is a great time to start pulling décor out of storage so it’s easy to access. Check the lights before installation to verify they still work. Yes, this means you need to plug every single piece of décor in, including every strand of outdoor lights. If something doesn’t work, you have time to repair or replace it now before you actually set up the light display.

Make Sure the Décor Is Properly Secured

A well-lit yard is a natural burglar deterrent, but holiday lighting can still attract thieves. This may be a group of teenagers playing a prank, or it could be someone looking to sell your décor for quick cash. As you pull your outdoor decorations out, start thinking about how to secure them in the ground. The easier they are to haul off, the more likely you are to lose them.

Schedule Fall Landscape Cleanup to Clear the Yard before Decorating

Messy landscaping will detract from your lighting display. This includes your gutters, which should be cleaned at the end of the fall. If you have a year-long landscape maintenance agreement with Berns Landscaping, we’ll handle all this for you. Just make sure your landscaping looks its best before rolling out the Christmas lights.

Berns Landscaping Offers Outdoor Holiday Lighting Installations

Outdoor lighting installs are labor-intensive. You can enjoy the beauty of the lights without having to do the hard work. Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your holiday lighting installation. We work in many parts of Macomb County and Oakland County MI, and we offer both residential and commercial holiday decorating services.