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Pet-Friendly Landscape Designs – Where Beauty Meets Practicality

Having a pet doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly lawn. There are ways to combine the practicality of pet ownership with the beauty of professional landscape design. If you’re worried about how your dog is going to impact your landscaping, check out these tips for pet-friendly landscape designs.

Plant Grass with Pets in Mind

If you are seeding or sodding your landscaping, consider your pets in your decision-making process. Some grass, like Bermuda, is better equipped to stand up to pets than others. Urine spots and heavy foot traffic can wear down many species of grass, leading to yellow spots and matted sections of turf. With the right grass in place, you can keep your lawn looking lush despite your pet’s best efforts.

As an alternative to grass, you could dedicate a section of your yard to artificial turf or pet-friendly hardscaping. For example, if you have a dog run along the side of the yard, you could use artificial turf in that area and have natural grass in the rest of the yard. The artificial turf won’t discolor from urine, and you can wash it off easily.

Pick up and Rinse off Dog Waste

Regardless of the type of turf you have in your yard, it’s important to pick up your dog’s waste frequently. This will minimize the effect it has on the grass. Dilute urine with a garden hose or a bucket of water to prevent targeted areas of discoloration. This may add a little time to your potty breaks, but it will do wonders for your yard.

Take an Organic Approach to Fertilization and Soil Cultivation

Many fertilizers on the market today are considered pet-safe once they dry. However, that is not always the case. Before you treat your lawn with anything, ready over the product carefully. At Berns Landscaping, we avoid chemicals as much as possible in favor of an organic approach. Our goal is to get your yard and garden as healthy as possible so they can fend for themselves. Whether you choose professional lawn care or a different approach, make sure your yard is safe for your pets.

Create a Designated Area for Your Dog

In most cases, this will be a dog run where your pet can run around, go potty, and stay away from landscaping features. Fence this area off to keep your dog contained, and incorporate the fencing into the rest of your landscape design. As long as it looks purposeful and cohesive, your dog run can be a beautiful element of your yard.

Train Your Pet Not to Harm the Landscaping

Mulch is tasty for dogs, and flowers are fun to dig up. You may need to spend some time training your dog to stay away from your landscaping features. Dogs are most likely to dig and destroy when they’re bored, so practice some mentally enriching exercises with your pet. Fifteen minutes of play time may be all you need to protect your yard from mischief.

Mention Your Pets during Your Landscape Design Consultation

If you get a landscape design consultation from Berns Landscaping, we’ll ask questions about your lifestyle, budget and goals. Pets are an important aspect of the design process, particularly when it comes to back yard landscaping. Mention your pets, kids, or any activities you want to do in your yard so we can find the ideal landscaping features for you. Call (586) 756-1145 to get started.

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