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Outdoor Spring Clean Up Tips

Spring is only 34 days away, which means blue skies, flowers and green plants are soon to come. Your garden will need some help making the transition from Winter to Summer. A good Spring clean up can help ensure a healthy start to the growing season. Below are some important outdoor Spring clean up tips to help ensure a great outdoor space this season.

  • LEAF & DEBRIS REMOVAL – The removal of left over debris from fall and winter is an essential part of Spring clean up. While some of these leftovers have allowed some nutrients to soak back into your gardens, not picking up the remaining debris can cause more harm then good. Not to mention, no one wants to see leaves piled up on their decks & patios.
  • PRUNING – It is very important to prune shrubs & tree’s and cut back perennials. This will help remove any damaged or diseased branches and allow for healthy growth. It will also restore the natural shape of your plants.
  • EDGING – Edging keeps a clean border between your garden bed and lawn, this is essential for mulched beds. This task not only provides a clean look, but also prevents grass from growing into your beds and mulch from spilling into your lawn.
  • MULCHING – Mulching is a big benefit to your Spring landscaping, not only does it look clean but it offers many other benefits as well. Laying down a layer of mulch will help reduce weeds, allow your plants to retain water longer, increase water flow and regulate the temperature of the soil.
  • PRE-EMERGENT – This is a application which is done prior to mulching to help reduce weed growth. An application of pre-emergent acts as a barrier to prevent weeds from germinating. While this isn’t a “weed killer” it will slow down the weeds and help keep weeding more manageable.
  • FERTILIZING – Many essential nutrients found in fertilizer are often not found in soil. Fertilizing helps ensure that your trees, shrubs, plants and lawn have the proper nutrients they need in order to thrive throughout the growing season.

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