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Outdoor Kitchen in Michigan

Man Cooking at Outdoor Kitchen in Michigan

Outdoor kitchens are incredibly sought after. You may not even realize how much you’ll use your outdoor kitchen until you have one installed. We’ve had countless homeowners contact us after installation to rave about how much they love their outdoor spaces. You can enjoy that same luxury with a custom outdoor kitchen in Michigan. Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to get started.

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen in Michigan

Adding an outdoor kitchen could add tremendous value and appeal to your property. The key is to choose the right elements for maximum return and longevity. Outdoor kitchens became the “most sought after kitchen trend of 2022,” and that trend isn’t ending any time soon. Here are some design tips to help you enjoy your beautiful outdoor kitchen:

  • Make the Outdoor Kitchen Close to Your Indoor Kitchen, If Possible
  • Create a Smooth Traffic Flow for Guests, Cooks and Visitors
  • Identify the Core Goals of Your Outdoor Kitchen – Prep Space, Multiple Grills, Flat Tops, Outdoor Fridge, etc.
  • Install a Large Flat Patio That Can Adapt to Changing Furniture Placement
  • Use Quality Materials That Complement Your Siding
  • Hire the Right Team for the Job – Berns Landscaping Builds Premium Outdoor Kitchens in Michigan

The big takeaway here is to identify your functional needs and design around those first. You can get a beautiful outdoor kitchen in Michigan no matter how much room you have for installation. As long as you’re smart with placement and material selection, you can enjoy this addition for years to come. Reach out to (586) 756-1145 to set up your design consultation.

Add Even More Appeal with a Custom Landscape Design!

If you want to make your backyard even more amazing, consider a new landscape design from Berns Landscaping. We offer a full assortment of professional landscaping services, including:

  • Strategically Selected Plants That Can Thrive on Your Property
  • Well-Balanced Landscape Designs Enhanced with Brick Paving
  • Year-Long Property Maintenance to Keep Your Hardscaping and Landscaping Looking Pristine
  • Disease Prevention, Pest Control, Deep Root Fertilization and Weed Control
  • Dethatching and Aeration for Turf Enrichment
  • Bed Edging, Mulching and Garden Bed Care
  • Plant Renovation Services to Get the Current Plants on the Property Looking Their Best over Time
  • Estate Gardening and Commercial Landscaping Services
  • Fall Cleanup, Shrub Care and Dormant Tree Pruning
  • Tree Services from a Certified Arborist
  • Holiday Decorating Services, Including Design and Installation 

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