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Natural Aeration vs. Mechanical Aeration

If you want a healthy lawn, you may need to occasionally aerate the soil. This creates a porous structure that water and nutrients freely flow through. Mechanical aeration was once the staple in lawncare, but landscapers have found a more effective, natural approach to this process. Let’s take a look at natural aeration vs. mechanical aeration. 

What Does Aeration Do?

Aeration loosens up the soil so nutrients can penetrate deep into the turf. Over time, soil becomes compacted and rigid, limiting the flow of air, water and nutrients. Aerated soil leads to healthy turf with a rich root structure.

How Does Natural Aeration Work?

With natural aeration, we apply a solution to the surface of the soil. This solution, made mostly of yucca extract, conditions the soil and naturally cultivates it. The solution spans across the entire yard, reaching every corner and awkward spot. Your entire yard gets treated at once, allowing for a healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

How Does Mechanical Aeration Work?

Mechanical aeration involves the use of a machine that punctures into the soil. The machine flings ‘cores’ of soil across the lawn. The cores are about the size of a jalapeno pepper, depending on how deep the machine is able to penetrate. The cores are spaced approximately six inches apart, and the machine cannot reach every part of the lawn. This is especially true for lawns with curved edges. Aeration machines typically only move in straight lines.  

Benefits of Natural Aeration over Mechanical Aeration

Mechanical aeration is now considered the ‘old school’ approach to soil cultivation. Natural aeration has proven superior across the board. Here are some benefits to keep in mind:

  • Natural aeration can reach every part of your lawn.
  • Natural aeration does not leave your yard a mess after application.
  • Natural aeration is more affordable than mechanical aeration!
  • With natural aeration, there is no risk to your irrigation lines. Mechanical aeration can puncture the lines, leading to costly repairs.
  • Natural aeration is quick, easy and effective.

Does My Yard Need to Be Aerated?

Aeration is beneficial for most yards, but it is not required for everyone. To determine if natural aeration is right for you, we will conduct a soil test. This examines the nutrients in your soil and the structure of the soil. With this information, we can create a personalized fertilization program for your lawn.

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