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Mosquitoes Are Here

Have you noticed an increase in mosquitoes this summer? If you have your not the only one. The long harsh winter, allowed for the mosquito larvae to have a longer growing period then they usually do. Ever fall mosquitoes lay their eggs, once spring comes around and creates pools and puddles the larvae grow. Thanks to this years long winter, we encountered a lot of snow melt and spring rains which kept woodland pools and flood plain areas wet and producing mosquitoes for a longer period of time. While the cooler spring delayed the mosquitoes’ emergence, it was only a short delay.

It is unclear how the mosquito problem may grow throughout the summer. Some mosquitoes continue to lay eggs all summer long, it is the amount of rain we receive this summer that will be the indicator of how much the mosquito population will continue to grow.

Some people are lucky and hardly ever get bitten by mosquitoes, while others seem to be mosquito magnets. So what entices a mosquito to bite?

  • You breath too much. The more CO2 you pump out, the stronger your allure.
  • You’re to relaxed. Stressed out people emit odors that repel mosquitoes.
  • Scent, body odor, perfume and even blood type odor markers can draw mosquitoes. (Sorry to those of you who are type O).
  • You dress in dark colors, especially blue. It is better to dress in bright colors such as khaki and white.
  • Your body temperature, mosquitoes love warmer body types. This is especially hard to avoid if you are drinking or pregnant.

Tips to stay bite free.

  • Shower frequently, skip the perfume and use a bug spray with DEET.
  • Prevent stagnant water from hanging around in your yard.
  • Stay inside and dawn and dusk, these are when mosquitoes feed the most.
  • Where loose clothing, long sleeve and pants preferred (weather permitting, you don’t want to get too hot).

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