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Mosquito Treatment in Michigan

Closeup of Mosquito Treatment in Michigan

Are you in need of professional mosquito treatment in Michigan? Have the ‘squitos ruined every outdoor event you’ve planned so far? These pesky critters aren’t just a nuisance. They carry serious health concerns that affect the safety of your family. Berns Landscaping offers proven mosquito treatment that is customized for each property.

  • Tested and Proven Mosquito Treatment in Michigan
  • Pest Control, Weed Removal and Disease Prevention
  • Professional Tree Services, Including Stump Removal, Dormant Tree Pruning, and Tree Renovation
  • Landscape Design and Build – We’re Happy to Work with Your Existing Landscaping!
  • Fertilization, Dethatching and Aeration
  • Complete Lawn and Garden Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Seasonal Landscaping Solutions, Such as Winter Plant Protection and Spring Bed Cleanup

To schedule a consultation for pest control, mosquito control, or other landscaping services, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

Personalized Mosquito Treatment Plans for Your Property’s Specific Needs

Mosquito treatment is not a blanket service. Some landscaping companies offer generic pest control packages, but those don’t account for your property’s unique features. This is why we customize our mosquito control solutions for each client. You’ll receive tailored services that target the root source of mosquitos on your property.

  • We Evaluate Potential Sources of Mosquitos on Your Property – Clogged Gutters, Stagnant Water, etc.
  • Strategic Mosquito Treatment Designed for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Eco-Minded Pest Control without Harmful Chemicals
  • Landscape Designs for Natural Mosquito Control
  • Complete Landscaping Solutions for All Four Seasons

For more information about how mosquito treatment works, contact our Michigan landscaping company at (586) 756-1145.

Landscaping Maintenance to Keep Mosquitos and Other Pests at Bay

A healthy, well-maintained lawn will do a lot of the work for you. The plants fend for themselves. The pests stay away because of frequent lawn activity. The property looks pristine, and you get total peace of mind. Berns Landscaping provides year-long landscaping plans for commercial and residential properties. We also offer estate gardening, landscape design, tree services, and a variety of other property management programs.

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If You’re in Need of Mosquito Treatment in Michigan, Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145