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Insecticide Barriers All Year Long

The perimeter of your house frequently offers a way for pest to work their way into your home – but you can prevent many insects from intruding by applying a perimeter insecticide barrier. A certified Berns Landscaping Technician can apply environmentally responsible, non-staining control products to the foundation of your house and to the surrounding ground, as well as to the frames of basement windows. This provides long lasting protection from invasive insects.

We treat the foundation of your home, looking for any cracks that might be exposed; the first three feet of any adjacent landscape beds, walks or drives; and around your ground-level basement windows.

Insecticide Barriers For Season Long Coverage

  • SPRING (April-May)
    Initial treatment to help prevent ants, pillbugs and other early pests from entering your home.
  • SUMMER (June-July)
    This treatment targets fleas and ground beetles, as well as ants and other summer pests.
  • LATE SUMMER (August-September)
    This treatment targets ants in the surrounding soil, spiders, crickets and a number of insects that mature in mid-summer.
  • SUMMER (June-July)
    The final seasonal treatment controls many insects. This treatment will also help prevent pests from entering before the cold winter weather begins.

Please Note: Insects that have already established themselves in the home or siding (i.e. wasps) will require an exterminator for removal. A Certified Berns Landscaping Technician will help educate you on your property’s exact needs.

For more information on our insecticide barriers call us today, or fill out our online request form and a Berns Landscaping Professional will contact you at your earliest convenience.

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