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Liquid Deicing

What is liquid deicing?

Liquid deicing is the process of coating dry salt crystals with a film of liquid. This process quickens the melting action and assists in lowering the temperature of effective melting.

At 25F, rock salt takes a full 19 minutes to embed in ice and hard packed snow. When combined with a calcium chloride solution, rock salt digs in and holds a close pattern on winter surfaces even when temperatures drop below 10F.

How are liquid deicers applied?

Liquid deicers are applied by our specialized trucks. These trucks contain a tank where liquid is stored above the spreader and dispensed as the salt leaves the spreader.

What are the advantages of liquid deicing?

• Pre-wetting quickens the brine formation, which reduces the melting of snow and ice. Remember, It is not salt which melts snow and ice, it is the brine.
• When liquid deicers are used more salt is retained on the surface due to better adherence. Less loss also occurs due to bouncing, high winds and vehicle traffic.

When are liquid deicers not used?

Liquid deicers are not used when the temperatures are above 30F or
rain is predicted.

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