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Lily Of The Valley


Lily of the Valley also known as Convallaria Majalis is a beautiful perennial that makes excellent ground cover for shady areas. Lily of the Valley grows low and ranges from 6 – 12 inches in height. The highly fragrant cascading bell shaped flowers measure 3/8 inches in width. The flowers bloom in mid to late spring and turn into red berries during the summer.


Although the Lily of the Valley is native to parts of Europe and Asia. Here in the United States it is found in USDA zones 2 through 7, which covers the majority of the U.S. The Lily of the Valley enjoys cooler weather and thrives in shaded areas.

Lily Of The Valley
WARNING: Lily of the Valley is Poisonous.



All parts of the Lily of the Valley are highly poisonous. This includes the red berries which appear in the summer and may be attractive to children. If ingested the plant can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, disorientation, red skin rashes, reduced heart rate and other side effects. It is recommended to seek immediate medical attention if this plant is ingested, even in small amounts lily of the valley can cause severe side effects.

Garden Warnings

Lily of the Valley spreads easily, and has the ability to overtake other plants and flowers in your garden. Because of this it will work best in beds with edges to help contain the plants rhizomes.

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