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Lawn Maintenance Plans vs. DIY: What is Best For You?

Are you considering getting a lawn maintenance plan but you want to do what is best for you and your family? You can go the DIY route, too, and there are benefits and drawbacks to both methods. Here’s what you should consider before you make your final decision.


Paying for regular lawn care will cost you more than doing it yourself, in some cases. If you don’t have any of the equipment you’d need to keep up your lawn well, you need to factor in the cost of purchasing it and keeping it running for years to come. You also need to consider all of the specialized knowledge that lawn care professionals have. You’ll need to know at least a little bit about fertilization, pesticides, plant care, and more. Getting this knowledge may add to your startup costs, too.


Having someone else do your lawn care means that you won’t have to think about it very much. You won’t have to fit it into your schedule or make sure you have enough time between family commitments and work to get it done. You won’t get stuck on a lawn project and miss out on other things that you’d rather be doing. Having someone else handle the yard may be worth the expense for the convenience alone.


Most yards require weekly or, at the most, bi-weekly maintenance to keep looking their best. If you skip a week or two, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away! Do you want to be responsible for making sure all of the yard work gets done, no matter what? If you love projects that require commitment, then DIY lawn care may be right for you. Otherwise, pass on the scheduling hassle and pay someone else to do it.


Working in the yard requires a lot of time and energy. If you have a lot of free time and not much to worry or stress about, then doing it yourself might be right for you. Similarly, if you find working in the yard relaxing or a good way to release your cares, then try the DIY route. If it would just be one more thing that you’d have to try to fit into your schedule, though, having someone else care for your yard might be one less thing you have to worry about.


People who specialize in yard and lawn care do it because they love it. They have invested their time and energy into learning how to do it well. If you want your yard to really pop or you want to make sure it always looks green and healthy no matter what, let an expert do it. If a lawn trim and some edging are enough for you, then you might be happy doing it on your own.

If hiring someone to do your yard care is right for you and your family in this season, call us at Berns Landscaping. We’ll take care of your yard so you don’t have to.

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