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Lawn Care Services

Berns Lawn Care Services

Your lawn represents a large portion of your landscaping and plays a large part in your homes curb appeal. Maintaining your lawn can become a challenge to homeowners. Insects, weeds, diseases and other issues can all play an important factor in the condition of your lawn. Hiring the right landscaping company to handle your lawn care services can become another challenge for homeowners. Many companies employ those who are untrained and lack experience in the industry.

Here at Berns Landscaping, we provide full-service lawn care services, by experienced and trained professionals. Our services include fertilization (organic & traditional options), mowing, lawn seeding and sod installation, soil testing, lawn disease management and many others. We offer our services to residential and commercial clients. When you hire Berns Landscaping you can rest assured that your lawn is in the care of trained professionals with years of experience.

Having problems with your lawn?

If you are having problems maintaining a healthy lawn, our lawn diagnostic consultation page will provide you with information about our one on one certified professional lawn consultations. We are currently running a half off special on our lawn diagnostic consultation services!

Berns Landscaping is a proud member of MGIA’s Healthy Lawn Care Program for protecting Michigan lakes, rivers and streams from overuse of fertilizers and pesticides.

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