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Snow Removal & Snow Plowing in Warren, MI


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  • Commercial, industrial and retail sites
  • Shopping centers, mall, and plazas
  • Hotel and conference centers
  • Medical buildings, nursing homes and assisted living facilities


Berns Landscaping is proud to be a Certified Snow Professional. A CSP is a business owner or manager who has taken the next step in managing and running a professional snow & ice management business. This individual has studied for and passed a rigorous exam covering business, legal, subcontractor, snow science, snow mechanics, and human resources.

When the cold, snowy months arrive, make sure you have Berns Landscaping’s number on hand to schedule snow removal service when you need it! For over 35 years, we have proudly served residential and commercial property owners, and we are here to help you this winter season! Our snow plowing team can quickly clear away any piles of powder that has built up around your building.

The places we serve vary widely, but the needs are always the same. Both homeowners as well as the owners of retail spaces, industrial sites, hotels, conference centers, medical buildings, and more all call us after a storm to perform snow plowing service.

Snow Plowing Professionals

The residential and commercial snow removal services we offer around Warren are sure to have your land quickly cleared of any sign of snow. Our technicians utilize high-powered equipment that can get the job done fast so all obstacles are out of your way. Berns Landscaping can do snow plowing on anything from a tiny patch of lawn to acres upon acres, so call us when you need services for property.

When you have someone working on your property, you want to make sure they are professional. Our company is fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that the snow management services they perform for you are top-quality. Hiring us means you no longer have to worry about the effects winter has on your property.

We even have a 24/7 dispatch center to make sure we are always available to respond to calls for snow removal. If it’s an emergency situation, we can work through the night to get the land cleared quicker.

De-icing and Salting

Besides the fact that big piles of snow get in the way, the ice that comes with it can be a downright danger. We offer de-icing services and can apply salt to pavement in an effort to minimize the risks of slipping and falling. Make sure your family is safe at home or that your commercial establishment is safe from a lawsuit by having professional de-icing done by the Berns Landscaping staff.

As a Certified Snow Professional company, we are one of the area’s most trusted teams. The snow removal team at the Berns Landscaping works on both residential and commercial properties, so give us a call to assist with clearing your landscape.