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Organic Landscaping Programs in Warren, MI


Organic Landscaping Programs in Warren, MI

Organic Landscaping – Here at Berns Landscaping we are an award-winning landscape company specializing in the enhancement and care of beautiful Landscaping for 35 years.

We are particularly proud of our organic approach to lawn, tree and shrub care programs. Our organic approach to landscaping is one of the reasons our landscape services are a leading choice of environmentally-conscious homeowners and business.

Through our organic lawn care program, you will enjoy a green and healthy lawn while leaving behind the need to understand confusing application rates and equipment settings that result in burning, bare spots and weeds. Organic lawn care offers a variety of benefits over typical fertilization.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Organic fertilizers are made with natural materials, this reduces the pollution given off to our environment.
  • Health & Safety – Organic products do not produce harmful side effects to humans or pets. This means you can enjoy your yard without worry about harmful chemicals being absorbed into the skin or being tracked into your home.
  • Long Lasting – Unlike chemical fertilizers which wash away each time your lawn is watered, organic fertilizers stay in your soil longer and are able to release nutrients over time.
  • 100% Biodegradable – Organic products are made with natural materials they are fully biodegradable and do not leave behind harmful residues.

With our organic lawn care program, you can reduce your carbon footprint and keep your family safe. Instead of using your valuable time with landscape maintenance, let us do it!  Leave your lawn care in our capable and professional hands and start spending time with your family!

Organic Micro-nutrients:

Cover your micro-nutrient needs in one easy step.

Contains a horticultural correct ratio of magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc that quickly and safely corrects chlorosis and other micro-nutrient problems. Its eight essential micro-nutrients can be immediately absorbed and utilized by trees and other plants for preventing and correcting problems and can be applied year-round.

In addition to our organic landscaping services we also offer outstanding hardscapes like patios,  decks, etc.  We have a full up to date modern equipment fleet to handle every Landscaping assignment efficiently.

We are confident that once you compare our landscaping services and prices you won’t hesitate to choose Berns Landscaping Services, Inc.