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Lawn & Landscaping Services Warren, MI

Landscape Design

Looking to redo the landscaping in your yard or put in a garden for the first time? Our professionals have all sorts of landscaping ideas for your land, both residential and commercial landscape projects welcome. Give us a call, and we’ll come out when it’s convenient for you. We’ll listen to your description of what you’re looking for, then we’ll take a look at the yard.

We’ll produce several garden ideas for you to look at. We may even provide landscaping pictures from other yards we’ve worked on, so you can get an idea of the different elements we’re talking about putting in. You’ll get an estimate for how much the job will cost, and we’ll also tell you how long we expect it to take.

Once you decide on a design, we’ll get to work. Our landscape professionals will install the elements you’ve chosen, as well as the landscaping plants you want. We strive to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your new yard as soon as possible.

Lawn Care Services

No matter what your yard needs, we have professionals who are ready to take on the job, from Bloomfield Twshp to Grosse Pointe. Whether your lawn has been well maintained or needs some work, we’ll get it looking its best just as soon as possible.

Do you need a regular lawn service? We have a lawn aerator, to help your grass get the oxygen that it needs in order to grow. We also offer a lawn cutting service, so your grass is always neat and trimmed. Our lawn treatment service helps your grass stay healthy all year long. We know when to fertilize to get the best results, and we know which treatments will kill crabgrass and other weeds while keeping the rest of your lawn growing well.

Looking for organic lawn care? We can make sure that we use natural lawn treatments in your yard if that’s what you prefer.

We also offer lawn repair services. Our technicians can help rid your yard of weeds or invasive grasses, all while promoting the growth of the grass you want. If you need help reseeding your lawn, we’re here for you. We’ll help you choose the type of grass that will work best, given the climate and any other plants in your lawn. Then we’ll lay down the seed and make sure it grows. If sod is a better choice for you, we’ll install that, too.

When you call Berns Landscaping, you’re calling professionals who take their jobs seriously. We want to give you a lawn you’re proud of, and we’ll work hard to make sure we do just that.