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Late Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Just because your plants aren’t growing in the winter months doesn’t mean they should be left alone. There are steps you can take in the late winter to prepare for the spring growth season. In this guide, we’ll explore late winter landscape maintenance tips that you can use to beautify your property.

Clean up Fall Leftovers

You may have done a big fall cleanup at the end of autumn, but chances are there are still some leaves lingering about. As the snow thaws and the frost clears, clean up any debris that remains from the fall. Ideally, this cleanup should occur at any point in the winter, especially along your fence line. Leaf piles trap moisture and attract critters looking for shelter in the cold months. If you can clear that out, your yard will be better protected against unwanted pests.

Prune Rose Bushes and Select Other Plants

Late winter/early spring is the perfect time to prune rose bushes. The goal is to wait until after the last frost of the year. If you prune before that, the bush may start to grow prematurely and the frost will kill off the new growth. Prune right before the growing season, and you’ll allow the bush to push all its nutrients to the remaining parts of the plant.

Many tree species benefit from dormant tree pruning, along with select other plants. At Berns Landscaping, we have extensive knowledge of each plant’s unique needs. We provide strategic pruning and plant health monitoring as part of our year-long property maintenance services. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to learn more.

Plan a New Landscape Design – What Do You Want to Change from Last Year?

Before the spring hits, take a moment to evaluate your landscape design. What did you like last year, and what do you want to change this year? Perhaps you felt like your landscaping lacked color and you want something to pop this spring. Maybe you were unhappy with the shape of your bushes or the way a certain grouping of plants looked. Use this time to make changes to your landscape design so you can approach the spring months with a solid plan.

If you’re looking for a professional opinion, Berns Landscaping has award-winning landscape designers on staff. Unlike most landscape designers, we are happy to work around your existing plant life. You can get a completely new landscape design or refresh the landscaping already on your property. From plant renovation to comprehensive landscape design/build – we do it all. Contact us today to schedule your landscaping design consultation.

Trim Broken Branches

If the winter frost weakened some of your tree branches, you may want to cut them down while you can still clearly see the branch structure. This will prevent safety concerns later on. Tree trimming is a tricky process that is typically best left to the professionals. Berns Landscaping has an arborist on staff that understands each tree’s specific needs. He can evaluate the ideal pruning solutions for the tree’s age, species, and current health level. As a general rule though, you should trim hazardous tree branches as quickly as possible.

Save Yourself the Hassle! We Offer Four-Season Landscape Maintenance

Late winter landscape maintenance isn’t the only headache property owners deal with. Spring bed cleaning, weekly lawn mowing, fertilizing, aeration, pest control – the list is endless. With Berns Landscaping by your side, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We provide four season property maintenance to care for your landscaping all year long. Each client receives a completely custom care plan tailored to their property.

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to learn about our residential landscaping, commercial landscaping and estate gardening services.

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