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Landscaping Tips to Reduce Pesticide Use

Widespread pesticide use is costly, wasteful, and harmful to the environment. Here at Berns Landscaping, we use preventative strategies to protect plants without the need for pesticide. By focusing on plant health and taking proactive manners, we’re able to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. Check out these landscaping tips to reduce pesticide usage.

Apply Natural Oils to Suffocate Disease and Insects

Refined horticultural oil can stop the spread of pests and disease early on. We apply oil during the spring time to suffocate disease spores and insects. The oil does not completely eliminate the pests/disease, but it cuts growth by 75% or more. This reduces the amount of insecticide needed in the summer, and it helps the plant thrive from the start.

Sanitize Tools between Plants to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Tool sanitization is a step many novice landscapers skip. Our professional landscapers sanitize plant tools when working with diseased plants because the disease and spider mites can be transferred to the next plant. If you are pruning plants in your garden, quickly spray the tools with a disinfectant before switching between plants. Let the spray dry completely before moving forward.

Strengthen Plants with Enriched Soil and Fertilization

Strong plants can fight for themselves. This is why we focus heavily on plant health and soil enrichment. The goal is to give the plants easy access to vital nutrients so they can shield themselves from pests and disease. We conduct soil testing for our fertilization programs to monitor which nutrients your soil needs. We also use deep root fertilization and organically based nutrients to feed plants, trees and shrubs. Each plant requires unique fertilization efforts, so we adjust our services to accommodate the landscaping on your property.

Strategically Apply Insecticide Only as Needed

Disease prevention and proactive pest control will reduce pesticide usage. Nevertheless, there may still be a need to apply insecticide or miticide in certain areas. Our landscapers are extremely strategic about which pest control products we use and where we apply them. We only use what is absolutely necessary, and only in the areas where it’s needed. While other landscaping companies blindly spray chemicals across the lawn, we take the time to tailor pest control to help your plants thrive long-term.

If you would like a custom pest control plan to protect your property, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145. We provide full-service landscaping solutions for homes, businesses and estates in Southeast Michigan.

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